Paths & Driveways Cleaning

Path and driveway cleaning - concrete and paving.  Hydro-blasting to eradicate unwanted lichen, algae and moss infestations using adjustable water blaster (power washer).


Build up of grime and growths on hard surfaces - we remove it, we’ll improve it!

Do you want clean and tidy concrete or paving - paths and driveway looking like new again? Look no further… as experts in path and driveway cleaning, we remove mould, moss, lichen and algae build-up with our power washer. We have advanced technology for cleaning concrete and paved surfaces. With our sophisticated, adjustable hydro-blasting system (power washer) we transform many a filthy surface into a pristine finish.

Prevention as well as cure

We eradicate the present unwanted growth problem, but also apply treatment to minimise future re-growth – saving you further cleaning costs and hassle.
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Other areas of your property where we can help you:

  • Roof Treatment
  • Spouting
  • House Cleaning
  • Decks

Other ways we can help…are you:

  • A residential property owner?
  • A painter?
  • A business or organisation?
  • A rental property owner?