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blue_house_small.jpgCleaning for residential houses with gentle adjustable pressure washer and scrubbing with special cleaning products, maximising the life of the paint work.


Get your house transformed with our specialist cleaning service

As home and property cleaning specialists, we transform many a dirty surface into a gleaming fresh finish with special environmentally friendly cleaning products, a bit of scrubbing, and a gentle pressure washer adjusted according to surface type.


Ticking off your needs with our report card

We value your input as a customer, so at our initial consultation we work through a written checklist with you to ensure we cover all the needs of your house. This checklist is then signed off by us at the end of the job to ensure we have covered all areas.


Annual house cleaning will add years to your paint work

Paint manufacturers and BRANZ advise annual house washing to maximise the life of paintwork. This is especially effective when done professionally.

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South side of the house showing mould residue.

This is what our cleaning treatments have done for other’s homes. Would you like us to do this for you?

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Other areas of your property where we can help you:

  • Roof Treatment
  • Spouting
  • Paths and Driveways
  • Decks

Other ways we can help…are you:

  • A residential property owner?
  • A painter?
  • A business or organisation?
  • A rental property owner?